Police in Mexico

If you are pulled over by the police, be prepared with pen and paper in your car to write down the police car number, the policeman's badge number and name, the time and location. There are unethical cops everywhere, and having this info before you hand over your licence and registration may prevent a "false stop" from going further.  "Call their bluff", especially if you feel you weren't breaking any laws.  We have a dash cam, but there are also free dash cam apps available for your smartphone that you can enable before crossing the border.


If the officer does try to ticket you DO NOT pay him on the spot.  (This bribe is also called a mordida.)   He may even say "You'll have to follow me to the Police station to get your license back."  Go to the station, your fine will be reduced by half, and you can continue on.  It's true they get paid very little, but don't add to the corruption that gives Mexico a bad reputation. 


Both Sonoyta and Puerto Peñasco have been working hard to make the police forces better.  If you get stopped in Sonoyta and asked for a bribe, the local government wants to know about it.  Please report the experience to 651-512-1172 or 651-101-7145 or email ContraloriaSocialSonoyta@hotmail.com.  In Peñasco, report any shady police activity to 638-388-6552. 

Please print these two files to keep on your dashboard during your visit for extra support. 



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