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New info from the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) click to read more

Updated 11:45am June 15th-

a) Restaurant/bars are operating at 40% capacity and all are following Covid-19 safety and health protocols

b) Mandatory 10 p.m. curfew c) Bars and nightclubs are closed d) Sports fishing, boat cruises, and use of ATVs (razrs, rhinos) is allowed.

Use of jet skis, kayaks, sailboats, etc. is prohibited. NO OCEAN SWIMMING

e) More than two people per vehicle will be permitted when entering and leaving town, as well as when driving around the city. f) Use and enjoyment of federal beach concession (palapa) area in front of each Property. NO walking on the beach g) Visitors may use pools within the resort/hotel. h) Maintain a healthy distance of 1.5 meters at all times. i) Use of nose/mouth coverings (masks) is mandatory in public spaces. j) Inform guests most commercial establishments only allow one person from a group to enter. k) The malecón common area is closed (health certified restaurant/bars will be OPEN). l) It is recommended, though not mandatory, to presently refrain from traveling with minors under 12, or adults over 65.


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