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Esperanza para los Niños Children's Home

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As you enter the outskirts of Rocky Point, you'll notice the brightly colored sign for the Esperanza Children's Home on your left.  This is where about 3 dozen children of various ages now live under the guidance of a small staff and many wonderful volunteers.

In addition to love and protection, the home provides these children with everything they need to become productive citizens in the community.  Academic, moral, physical, and spiritual education help prepare them, but the tangible items of food, clothing, toiletries, and basic needs are often in short supply.

Since its inception in 1985, the "Hope for the Children" Orphanage has provided that and more to the hundreds of those passing through their system.  Each year the home grows and provides more opportunities to save local children from their sad situations.  Dormitory housing, classrooms, kitchen, church, playground, garden, and infrastructure like water, electricity, internet have been built and installed.  The children now have access to the medical and psychological care they need.

Please go to  to download a current list of needs and a list of children and their details

To set your Amazon page to send a donation of 0.5% (at no extra cost to you) of every eligible purchase to the Steps Of Love Orphanage,  please click this link


How can you help?

  • Bring donated items down on your next trip.  Clothing, shoes, cooking supplies, cleaning supplies, food, powdered milk, toilet paper, laundry detergent, personal toiletries.  Every little bit helps!!

  • Donate money-- Checks can be made to Esperanza para los Niños, PO BOX 1024 Lukeville, AZ. 85341

  • Help improve the orphanage--More hands and tools are always needed.

  • Donate extra building supplies, paint, furniture, appliances 

  • Support Roger Clyne's local events like the Mexican Moonshine Tequila Golf Classic and Circus Mexicus Supply Drive

  • Become active on their Facebook pages:  Wishlist for Esperanza para los Niños  and  Casa Hogar Esperanza para los Niños.

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