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~Las Palmas~

Be sure to also enter in the email field or forward your email confirmation so I can send our welcome info (I don't get a notification)

How to check LIVE availability at Las Palmas: 

Only $75 to reserve, balance charged 30 days before arrival

  1. You can only search by occupancy at Las Palmas.

  2. Lodging Type, Location, and Room Type:  Leave as is

  3. Edit the check-in and check-out dates

  4. Enter 2 adults to see 1BR's and up, 4 adults to see 2BR's and up and 7 adults to see 3BR's and Villas

  5. Enter 2 children to see condos which also have a sofa bed (*no extra charge)

  6. Click "Check Availability and Pricing" to browse the list of available condos and view photos

***Note***Las Palmas now has heated pools for the winter!

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