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Driving Customs

No Parking

Tope (Speed Bump)

Do Not Enter



Thankfully, the symbols for most signs are the same, even though the words are different. 


It's commonly said that "Stop signs are merely a suggestion in Mexico."  Not for visitors.  Come to a FULL stop at each and every one, even if you see locals rolling through casually.  COUNT to 4 at each stop sign.  This is a "better safe than sorry" scenario.  

In the US, there are usually two stop indicators:  a line on the pavement and a sign.  There are no lines here.   (Quite often no pavement, either.)  In addition, the stop sign doesn't actually have to be there to be a valid stop. Look for a stop on the opposite corner or a remaining pole (no sign), and watch what other drivers are doing.  

Always practice defensive driving, let the other car go first, slow almost to a stop at corners just in case, and DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK.  

Try to avoid driving at night.  Along the highway, animals (coyote, rabbits, deer, and even cows) are not impeded by any fencing.  Within town, there are many stray dogs.  Although you'll be going much slower (most areas are around 25 mph), street signs aren't well marked, roads don't line up well, there are few reflectors indicating hazards, potholes, or curves, and hitting a surprise "tope" will rattle your teeth and your car's undercarriage. 


Please also see my blog post and my  page on Mexican Police  for more info

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