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~Encantame towers~

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--Fine Print--
click for policies about occupancy, payment schedule, and change/cancellation/refund

Be sure to also enter in the email field or forward your email confirmation so I can send our welcome info (I don't get a notification)

How to check LIVE availability at ENCANTAME TOWERS: 

Half due to reserve, balance charged 10 days before arrival

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  • Location: Choose "Encantame Towers" --> or leave as All Locations to check 9 Casago resorts at once

  • Room Type: Choose a specific room type---> or leave as "All Room Types" to check all based on occupancy

  • Enter the number of guests in bedrooms in the "adults" field

    (2 adults to see 1BR's and up, 4 adults to see 2BR's and up, and 6 adults to see 3BR's and up)

  • Enter the number of guests for the sofa bed in the "children" field (*extra charge may apply)

  • View the list of available condos and click "More Info" for virtual tour and photos (scroll to the bottom).  

  • To reserve, close the detail page and click the "Book Now" button.  Anything that shows is available and you can book securely right into the system (no need to confirm with me, but please drop me a note to make sure everything is in the system properly...)

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