Before you go

The resorts will charge a fee if cancelled prior to their cut off date (usually 10-14 days before arrival), but will not refund any monies for a cancellation less than that.  If you're visiting during a holiday, you won't get a refund at all if you cancel more than 24 hours after making your reservation.  

But life happens.  Kids get sick, parents need care, or a million other situations that might prevent you from going on vacation.  Get trip insurance with  Travel Guard , World Nomads, or compare multiple companies HERE.   It's worth every penny.

Trip insurance can also cover medical bills if anyone gets injured while visiting.  Though medical costs are only a fraction of what they are in the US, they have to be paid in full.  Your medical insurance at home will be of no use.

Please see the full article at my blog.

Travel Insurance

Since Puerto Peñasco has mostly vacation rental condos and houses, cancellation policies are different than what you may be used to at hotels.  

Crossing the Border...

Please also check our Border Info page for more details.  This is certainly not the total list of do's and don'ts, but if in doubt, leave it home or make sure you have strong facts from official government sources that what you plan will be problem-free.  Even then, consider just leaving it at home.

  • The border is closed from 12 midnight until 6am.

  • Obey the posted speed limits.

  • DO NOT EVEN THINK about bringing drugs, guns, ammo, or weapons of any kind into Mexico or into the US 

  • Familiarize yourself with what items can and can't be brought into Mexico.  This includes fireworks, certain foods, fruits, plants, dog food and many other items.

  • DO NOT joke around.  That border guard makes less than the cost of a margarita.  He may not be in a good mood and you don't want to delay your arrival, do you?

  • Green light means "Have a great trip!" and red means "Pull over, we want to talk with you."  

  • Sometimes the red lights are random, sometimes the guards hit it because they want to check paperwork on your trailer/jet ski/boat/ATV (bring all titles, etc.), they want to see if you're bringing items they want to collect tax on (have receipts if you're bringing big boxes), or see the paperwork for your furry four-legged friend (see here for pet info).  Follow instructions, be polite and you'll be on your was as soon as possible.

The Mexican side...


I know you're looking forward to the beach and a frosty beverage, but DRIVE SLOWLY through Sonoyta.  The police are notorious for catching people where the speeds change (frequently).  


20 kph = 12 mph, 40 kph = 25 mph, 60 = 37mph.  (Most car speedometers show both anyway.)  A quick way to approximately convert kph to mph is to divide by 2 and add 10%.  40 = approx 24.  60kph =  36 .  100 kph = 60mph

It's far better to "waste time" crawling through town, than wasting a few hours at a police station.  Sonoyta's not that big of a town, you'll be on the open road soon enough.  Once you've passed town, it will take less than an hour on the well-paved road through the desert.

If you DO get stopped for speeding, please see our section on Local Police

Many people like taking the "shortcut" shown below to avoid some traffic in downtown Sonoyta.




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