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~Las Palomas~

50% required to make reservation~~  I will send you an invoice for the other half due 2 weeks prior to arrival

--Fine Print--
click for info about occupancy and change/cancellation policy


  1. Click the link above to check inventory, and click "Travel Agent Login" at the top right of the page

  2. Enter as the name and FUN (all caps) as the password.  This is how you get assigned to me 
    **Please note** If the system says "Rate not available, please change dates", just log out.  It only means I'm unable to offer you any extra discounts. It is VERY important to forward your confirmation to me or I won't know you booked.

  3. Edit the check-in and check-out dates and number of guests

  4. --4 guests to see 1BR's and larger
    --6 guests to see 2BR's and larger
    --8 guests to see 3BR's and larger
    *Note* ONE extra guest is permitted with surcharge, but DON'T COUNT THEM when searching.

  5. To see the most options, edit the guests as shown below

  6. Click the "Check Availability" button

  7. If desired, click "Advanced Search" to filter by room types and floor level

  8. Scroll to browse the list of available condos and click any to view photos and info

  9. Click "Rates" and then "Reserve" to fill in your info and complete your booking. 

  10. Forward me your email confirmation letter (with attachment) from Las Palomas.

Please forward your confirmation from the resort to me at so I know that you booked to send your welcome info (I don't get a notification)

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