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What to Expect at Check In and Check Out 

Checking In--4pm and later
(**Reminder--the border is closed from 8pm - 6am since 2020).  Some holiday weekends have extended hours.  Check the Rocky Point Times Facebook page for info.

DO NOT bring extra people without clearing it with reservations first.  **Read the OCCUPANCY section in your rental contract.** All condos are based on 2 adults per bedroom.  IF the condo is rated for it and has appropriate sofa bed/bunks etc, 2 children 12 or younger can be added for free at most of the resorts.  Sonoran  Spa, Las Palmas, and Las Palomas have different rules, be sure to ask. The resorts must honor the wishes of the condo owner and the maximum occupancy is specific to each condo.  Even though there might be room for an extra person to sleep on a couch or blow up mattress, it will not be allowed and you could forfeit your monies paid.  Please call asap if your occupancy might change--don't assume it will be ok since not all condos have sofa beds.

  • Be sure you understand the policies of your resort and their house rules and regulations.

  • The renter whose name the reservation is under MUST bring the original credit card (in the same name) used to make the reservation, as well as photo ID for the receptionist to verify identity and age.  If there is a balance due at check in, it can be paid by another member of the party or in cash.

  • The credit card holder MUST be present at check in and also staying at the resort.  So if your friends will be arriving before you, it would be best to have the rental under their name and credit card.  Otherwise, they will not receive keys and will need to wait for you.  

  • When you arrive at the guard gate, they will have your name on the arrival list.  Security will note your license plate and make/model of car.  

  • Proceed to the front lobby to check in, pay any balance due and damage deposit, and get your parking pass, wristbands, and keys.

  • Each guest in the condo will be registered by name and given a numbered wristband.  

  • If you arrive before your room is ready, the front desk can do a partial registration to give you your wristbands so you can access the pool and beach.  (No earlier than noon please)  The credit card/reservation holder needs to be the person to check back with the desk to receive the keys once it's ready. Please take a look at some of the suggestions on our site - there are plenty of options to fill a few hours!

  • Although a request can be noted in your reservation, early check-in can't be guaranteed.  Even if the room was expected to remain empty from the night before, it might have been needed for guests requiring a move due to an unforeseen event.  

Be sure you confirm the front desk operating hours during the time frame you'll be visiting.  If you believe you'll be arriving after it closes (take traffic into account), please call the resort to give them an estimated time.  Someone will come back to meet you and check you in.  There is normally approximately a $20 charge for a scheduled late arrival.  Without advance notice, you may also be responsible to pay a penalty.

The front desk (dial -0- from the condo) will be your contact point once you arrive and is there to help with anything you need.  Check for linens for the pullout sofa (if using) and for any housekeeping or maintenance issues on arrival, so any concerns can get addressed asap.  Do NOT WAIT as there is usually limited evening staff on duty.

If your registration will be off-site, you can also do a partial check-in to get wristbands and parking pass if the condo isn't ready yet.  Again, it would have to be the credit card/reservation holder who needs to go back and get the keys.  Same with office hours--let them know if you'll be arriving late so arrangements can be made.

Check Out Procedures

Checking Out--11am or earlier

Before you leave, please do the following:

  • Run the dishwasher with any final dirty plates, etc

  • Check the laundry room, balcony, drawers, bathrooms, and closets for any remaining items

  • Ensure all windows and balcony sliding doors are closed

  • You can leave fruit/veggies and unopened meats in the fridge if you wish for the housekeepers.

  • No need to clean the rental but please try to leave everything tidy

  • Turn off the air conditioning

  • Empty the trash and place in the dumpster in the parking area

  • Return keys to the front desk/off-site office and please mention any needed repairs you noticed.  (Lights that went out, sliding door that sticks, etc)  Often a new renter will be arriving the same day and the resort would appreciate as much notice as possible to coordinate repairs.

  • If your rental requires extra cleaning you may be charged from the resort

  • Please remember to tip the housekeeper $1-2 per bed per night

If you can, enjoy town for a few more hours and head toward the border after 2 or 3pm.  There is normally less traffic than the mass exodus at 11am.  Please travel safely back home and I hope to hear from you again soon!!

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