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Check Out Procedures

Checking Out--11am or earlier

Before you leave, please do the following:

  • Run the dishwasher with any final dirty plates, etc

  • Check the laundry room, balcony, drawers, bathrooms, and closets for any remaining items

  • Ensure all windows and balcony sliding doors are closed

  • You can leave fruit/veggies and unopened meats in the fridge if you wish for the housekeepers.

  • No need to clean the rental but please try to leave everything tidy

  • Turn off the air conditioning

  • Empty the trash and place in the dumpster in the parking area

  • Return keys to the front desk/off-site office and please mention any needed repairs you noticed.  (Lights that went out, sliding door that sticks, etc)  Often a new renter will be arriving the same day and the resort would appreciate as much notice as possible to coordinate repairs.

  • If your rental requires extra cleaning you may be charged from the resort

  • Please remember to tip the housekeeper $1-2 per bed per night

If you can, enjoy town for a few more hours and head toward the border after 2 or 3pm.  There is normally less traffic than the mass exodus at 11am.  Please travel safely back home and I hope to hear from you again soon!!

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