Food/Importing Restrictions

Going INTO Mexico

NOTE: This info is presented with good intentions and was current at time of posting. However, laws change.  Items that were previously acceptable may get confiscated.   Updated 5/2019

Mexico Customs (Aduanas) allows a maximum of $400 value per carload (or $300 for a single driver) before they want you to pay import taxes. There is a long list of what consists of "personal luggage", and if you get inspected you may owe duty.  Basically they don't want you bringing  multiples of items into Mexico to resell. 

There are also regulations on what always will be taxed, and you are supposed to declare these items or you may also be fined in addition to the tax owed. Building materials, car parts, and extra fuel are among them. The extra 16% and time isn't worth it.  Buy what you can locally.


*NOTE* Used clothing donations are NOT duty free.  Pack them in suitcases instead of Hefty Bags or boxes.

Alcohol/Tobacco quantities are regulated.  Duty free maximum allowances per passenger over 18 years old:

  • 10 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco 

  • 3 liters of liquor or 9 beers (note: imported alcohol [vodka, gin, scotch, etc] is more expensive in Mexico.  Tequila, Kahlua, many rums and  Mexican beer are very inexpensive.)

  • 6 liters of wine (There are many excellent Mexican wines, but if you prefer imported wines [Italian/French/Australian/US]  you will pay more)

*Note*  If you don't see a US flag in the corner to translate a government page, right-click and choose "translate to English"

Prohibited products

National Service for Agrifood Health, Safety and Quality

Publication date

March 15, 2019


  • Fresh cheeses

  • Campero type chicken

  • Live, raw and dried crustaceans

  • Fresh meat of any kind

  • Homemade or handmade products

  • Sandwiches, sandwiches, cakes, sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas, etc., with meat and dairy content without integral packaging, or sanitary seal of the competent authority

(uncooked)--includes frozen

frozen pizza sealed in packaging should be ok, so should sealed frozen burgers.  However, you may not want to take the chance

Prohibited Products

YES: Coffee, Dairy (not eggs)

NOTE CHANGES--Sandwich meats no longer allowed 6/2018

Allowed Products

Summary of common items:

NO: Raw fruits or vegetables,

NO: Raw meats (refrigerated or frozen)

NO: Eggs

Returning to the US

The border agent will ask you if you have anything to declare.  They are mostly asking about plants/fruits/vegetables and meat/eggs.   Please click here to view rules for bringing regulated items back into the US.

The list of animal diseases (ie: mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu) is long and changes regularly.  Just don't bother. 

Some vegetables are ok (avocados without pits, and some others), but again I don't bother.  If they open your cooler and find one prohibited item (like a lime you forgot about), they will likely make you go to secondary inspection which will take more time at minimum.  Officially, undeclared prohibited agriculture items can result in a fine. 

Raw Fish/Shrimp are not regulated.  You can bring a limit of 50lbs of seafood (more than 50 pounds are considered commercial shipments and must meet additional requirements through the USDA)

*1 liter of alcohol (3 beers) is allowed per adult (21+)*



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