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Pharmacies and Doctors

With luck, you won't need to look for any doctors or pharmacies.  However, if you do, there are many available.  Most hospitals are called "Clinics" and they're quite small, often only a few rooms.  But the prices are MUCH less than the states, and many doctors have been educated in the US or in major cities of Mexico.  Most will be bilingual. Mexico has two types of hospitals, public or private.  You want private, which means you'll pay out of pocket.  Public hospitals accept Mexican Health Insurance.

My son flipped his ATV a few years ago, and the ambulance, ER visit, IV, doctor costs, 4 x-rays, and pain medicine totaled under $300.  We went to the San Jose Clinic on Benito Juarez, and now there's a new branch right on the resort road.  Generic medicine is often much cheaper, and antibiotics are available without a prescription (our favorite pharmacy is Santiago's). Pet medicine and vet visits are also less expensive.


"Medical Tourism" has become very popular in Mexico, and many make regular trips south of the border for prescriptions and medical/dental visits. We've had dental work, eye exams, ultrasounds, x-rays, and more with the local doctors and have been pleasantly surprised every single time.   


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