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Mexican Auto Insurance

I know you're wondering if you really need to bother getting Mexican Insurance.  Unless you want to pay for all damages/injuries out of pocket, the answer is YES!!!  You MUST have separate Mexican car insurance.   Taking your chances without and getting in an accident, at minimum, will put you back serious time and money, and potentially, you'll even be looking at jail time.  Your policy in the US won't help nor will any insurance through your credit card, as these (at best) only cover damages to YOUR car.   ​

If you don't already have a yearly policy, order Mexican insurance online through Mex Adventure and look forward to a relaxing vacation.






In Mexico, you are guilty until proven innocent.  If you are involved in a fender bender, it's not uncommon for the other driver to leave the scene if they're uninsured.  As a foreign visitor, don't even think of trying this (they will find you, and it's often a Federal offense with heavy fines).  


If the police do become involved, you will spend a great portion of your vacation with them.  If you're found to be at fault, you will be expected to pay for the charges to the other person's vehicle and possibly damaged road barriers, signs, etc.  If you are involved in a fatal accident, you will be brought to jail until blame is assigned.  

Be aware that in January 2013, Mexican law regarding liability amounts for death coverage changed. We recommend purchasing as much liability coverage as possible, with a minimum of at least $300,000 in third party liability ($500K recommended)


Remember, no amount of insurance will help keep you out of jail if you're involved in a DUI accident.  DO NOT drink and drive!  Taxis are MUCH cheaper in the big picture!  Be forewarned.


  • Everything in liability-only policies PLUS

  • Physical Damage and Theft Coverage for your vehicle


Liability Only policies do NOT include physical damage and theft coverage for your vehicle. Liability Only policies fulfill your legal obligation in Mexico to pay for damages you cause to others (some call this your 'stay out of jail pass'), but they do not pay for damages to your vehicle. Liability Only policies are much less expensive than Full Coverage policies, but they are not recommended for vehicles that are worth more than a few thousand dollars in value.



  • Third-party liability coverage (damages you cause to others)

  • Medical payments for you and your passengers

  • Legal Assistance

  • Road Assistance and Travel Assistance (including Medical Evacuation)

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