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Thanksgiving Turkey Time

So you were thinking about having a delicious turkey for Thanksgiving in Peñasco? Great idea, but don't bring one down from the US. Neither fresh NOR frozen.

Don't despair. If you really want to cook, you'll be able to find turkeys at Bodega Aurrea (Walmart) and Sam's Club for sure, possibly Ley and Sante Fe might be stocking some as well.

There are lots of options for your Thanksgiving feast this year. If you want to cook and share the day with others, bring a dish to South Side Jillz' pot luck party.

If you want a private feast delivered to your condo, Seaside is offering a dinner for 10. You'll get to enjoy turkey quesadillas all weekend long with the leftovers. (contact me to coordinate)

Restaurants around town are also offering traditional Thanksgiving menus if you want to dine out.

Last but not least, Kaffeehaus is also offering a Thanksgiving meal. Please call them for details.

Buen provecho!

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