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Travel Insurance-- Don't Leave Home Without It!

I have had to make claims on my travel insurance three times, twice for cancellation coverage, and once for stolen camera equipment. The one time I decided to opt out of getting it, my son got in an ATV accident. Go figure.

But life happens. Kids get sick, parents need care, or a million other situations that might prevent you from going on vacation. Get trip insurance with Travel Guard , World Nomads, or compare multiple companies HERE. It's worth every penny. Medical care in Rocky Point is inexpensive compared to the US, but travel insurance is still cheaper. Get covered and have the worry-free, rejuvenating vacation you've been looking forward to. Read the fine print VERY THOROUGHLY to make sure you understand exactly what is, and isn't, covered from whichever company you choose.

Cancellation Fees:

Since Puerto Peñasco has mostly vacation rental condos and houses, cancellation policies are different than what you may be used to at hotels.

The resorts will charge a fee if cancelled prior to their cutoff date (usually 10-14 days before arrival), but will not refund any monies for a cancellation less than that. If you're visiting during a holiday, you won't get a refund at all if you cancel more than 24 hours after making your reservation.

But life happens. Kids get sick, parents need care, or a million other situations that might prevent you from going on vacation. Get Trip Insurance. It's worth it. Travel Guard offers upgraded plans allowing cancellation for any reason, including work problems that prevent your trip.


Travel insurance can also cover medical bills if anyone gets injured while visiting. Though medical costs are only a fraction of what they are in the US, they have to be paid in full at the time of service. Please also see our map of medical facilities in Peñasco. The local doctors can provide good care for most circumstances, but, bottom line, it's not a big city with dozens of big hospitals, each with certain specialties. And your medical insurance from home will be of no use.

Do you plan on participating in some fun activities? (No, balancing your margarita while getting back on your pool bar stool doesn't count.) Maybe scuba diving? ATV'ing? Jet Skiing? Flying in an ultra light? Stand-Up Paddleboarding? Some policies don't cover sports-related injuries. World Nomads covers over 200 different sports. Walking into the sliding door you thought was open, or slipping on wet tiles is different than falling off your paddleboard onto a rock and cracking a tooth, at least according to some policies. Not only is it painful to deal with the accident itself, it hurts a lot more when the bill isn't covered.

Electronics coverage:

Did that iPad get swept away when the tide came in? Or you left your phone in your car cup holder and it wasn't there when you returned? Did you drop your camera while taking some beautiful photos? Adequately insure your electronics and check the deductibles each policy requires. Also be sure to check the maximum reimbursement per item. If your policy has a $200 maximum, that won't help much when you leave your $1000 camera in a taxi.

With a little pre-planning, you'll be able to deal with anything that tries to ruin your vacation. Be safe and have fun!

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