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Donations needed...

Please consider helping the locals who depend on tourism.  Three months without work is hard for anyone, let alone workers who made minimum wage of $10/day.  Many of us have been helping hands-on, but still more is needed to make it until the reopening.  Churches have gone from providing 30 lunches per day to handing out over 11,000 sandwiches per week ($40/100 sandwiches).  Thus far, over 7500 food bags to sustain a family of 4 for a week have been distributed ($12/week).  Please see ideas below...

Please like us on Facebook to stay in the loop! Hasta pronto! 

Read our FAQ page-- There's TONS of info to help prepare you for your visit:  Directions, check in/out instructions, passport info, food restrictions, what's provided, etc. read more >>

Buy Mexican Liability Car Insurance --It's mandatory. Purchase and print online before you go to save time.  They offer multiple options including medical evacuation and roadside assistance   read more >>

Check out some of our favorite restaurants around town.  Maps of bars/restaurants and the best taco trucks and hidden gems on our FAQ page.     read more >>


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