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Entering the Sanitary Border (click to read more...)

a) Personnel from the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) will request identification from all passengers and check that it coincides with the reservation, names and entry date of the list sent daily by the centers certified by the City Council to the checkpoint. If they do not appear in the list, they will be denied access, if it is verified that all the information complies, it will go to the next filter where, 

b) Subsequently, personnel from the Navy and National Guard will take the data from the vehicle and proceed to take the temperature via thermal camera to all the passengers of the vehicle, if they all have a body temperature below 99.5 F (37.5 C) degrees, they are allowed access. 

c) In the event that a passenger has a higher temperature, a second test will be done with a digital thermometer. If they have a temperature lower than 37.5, they are granted access to the City. 

d) In case you have a higher temperature for the second time, you will be invited to do a quick Covid-19 test, which gives a result in 15 minutes. If the passenger does not accept, all passengers will be denied access to the city. If you agree to take the test, depending on the result, you are allowed access. 


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