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Posted May 30th--per Rocky Point Times Newspaper (click to read more...)

On June 16th, the below is what you can expect:

• Pools open

• 3 Incoming lanes at Sanitary Fence

• 1 Outgoing lane at Sanitary Fence

• Spray Booth eliminated

• Complimentary masks handed out at Sanitary Fence (must be worn in common areas like Malecon)

• Thermal Camera scans all occupants with no need to exit the vehicle

• If all occupants are within normal temperature range you proceed into the city

• Infrared thermometer available if the camera shows high temp.

• COVID Rapid Tests available at no charge

• No vehicle restrictions (i.e.: 2 persons per vehicle)

• Most restaurants and businesses open

The only other missing piece to getting “back to normal” will be lifting the border travel restrictions, which have been slated for June 22nd by the U.S. As far as coming into Mexico, Kiko stated that he is working very closely with the person in charge in Sonoyta and expects no problems with visitors entering Mexico on, and after June 16th. The border hours are currently 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM in both directions. For now, we are going with these hours and will update them as soon as we hear they have changed. (Our normal border hours are 6:00 AM to midnight.)

The plan is for restaurants, businesses, and beaches to be open on June 16th and Mayor Kiko Munro said that we will all know, well in advance, specific details as to what to expect going into Phase III. For example, the sanitary fence will still be in place, but entry will be expanded to 3 lanes, instead of 1, the sanitation spray booth will most likely be eliminated, and the thermal camera will be used to scan everyone in your vehicle – fast and simple. The city will be releasing a Phase II graph on Monday, June 1st, which will detail businesses that can open and in what capacity as well as other anticipated information. In the meantime, below are some things we know you all are very interested in knowing about June 16th, so, if you haven’t made your reservation for June 16th…do so now!!

In the case of face masks, which is a hot topic, as of June 16th, the general public will still need to wear them in common areas such as the Malecon and Rodeo Drive, but not the beach areas. You will most likely have to wear one entering a restaurant, but not in the restaurant as they are following “social distancing” guidelines. Restaurant staff and other personnel will be required by the city to wear masks. Complimentary masks will be handed out at the Sanitary Filter and you need to grab one if you didn’t bring your own as some businesses may require them to be worn inside their place of business. I know this irks some of you, but you can decide whether or not to patronize that business or go into common areas. I am not a big fan of masks either, but keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions, reasons, fears, logic and it really is just a minor inconvenience for a brief amount of time. And don’t be surprised if you are asked to go through sanitation tunnels and to use hand sanitizer when entering businesses.

Our Mayor also said in the meeting this morning that the only thing that will prohibit us from opening up on June 16th, “is if there is an outbreak of COVID cases that we can’t control”, which the city does not expect and is why they took, and are taking, extreme measures during Phase I and II.

As you enter Rocky Point, on or after June 16th, your vehicle will be scanned by a thermal camera. If anyone’s temperature reads high (above 37.5°C/99.5F), they will be asked to exit the vehicle and then scanned with an infrared thermometer. If the thermometer also shows high temperature, the person will then have the option to take the COVID Rapid Test, at no charge, or return to their point of origin. If the Rapid Test comes back positive for COVID-19, then they will be asked to return to where they came from. This will apply to EVERYONE in the vehicle as you may have all been exposed. I stress this because you will be ruining the vacation for everyone if you are feeling ill and come down anyway.

If you do show a high temperature via both the thermal camera and infrared thermometer, but your Rapid Test comes back negative, you will be asked to visit a healthcare provider to figure out why you are showing a high temperature - there very well may be something medically wrong with you.

If everyone in your vehicle shows a normal temperature range (below 37.5°C/99.5F) you will be permitted entrance to the city and no one will need to exit the vehicle to take a 2nd test. You will be on your way to the beach and lots of fun!!


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