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Beaches open August 1st!! (click to read more...)

Photo and facts courtesy of Rocky Point 360

  • Beach hours 8 am – 7 pm for general recreational use, limited numbers of people and strict social distancing

  • 6 am – 8 am Early beach access for exercising (walking, running, swimming, etc.), as well as period for beach vendors to set up carts/stands as applicable, and ZOFEMAT monitoring and beach clean-up.

  • Beach closure 7 PM DAILY    (to allow for evening clean-up crew again from ZOFEMAT)

  • Masks (nose/mouth coverings) required when entering beach, also in interaction with any beach vendors, etc. Do not have to be used when exercising (though maintain social distancing), in the water, or when laying out (maintaining social distancing)

  • Maximum 10 people in groups (if renting shade on public beaches, maximum 5 people per tent)

  • Registration of people, groups, and times at beach access spots (Waiting on details if this will be enforced at resorts also, or only public access points)

Normal beach rules still apply--take your trash out with you, and NO glass


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