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Travel Insurance

Since Puerto Peñasco has mostly individually owned vacation rental condos and houses, cancellation policies are different than what you may be used to at hotels.  Get covered and have the worry-free, rejuvenating vacation you've been looking forward to.

Trip Insurance covers cancellation fees, medical bills, and broken item coverage at varying levels for 5%-15% of your trip cost.


The resorts will charge a fee if cancelled prior to their cut off date (30, 14, or 10 days before arrival depending on resort), but will not refund any monies for a cancellation less than that.  If you're visiting during a holiday or special event, you won't get a refund at all if you cancel more than 24 hours after making your reservation.  

Trip insurance can also cover medical bills if anyone gets injured while visiting.  Though medical costs are only a fraction of what they are in the US, they have to be paid in full.  Your medical insurance at home will be of no use.

Unexpected events happen.  Kids get sick, parents need care, or a million other situations that might prevent you from going on vacation.  Get trip insurance with  Travel Guard,  World Nomads, or options from Insure My Trip.  Peace of mind is worth every penny.

Please read through the offerings below to see which coverage suits your needs best and see the full article at my blog--"Travel Insurance--Don't Leave Home Without It!"

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