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What to Pack

  • ***Beach/Pool towels***--Condo towels can't be used out of the room.

  • Toiletries--especially makeup remover.  You may be charged if resort towels get stained.

  • Lots of 1's and small bills

  • Bottled water and gallons to refill dispenser

  • Coffee/sweetener and food (please see our prohibited foods list)

  • Basket style coffee filters

  • Tupperware/plastic wrap/aluminum foil for leftovers

  • Paper plates--spend extra time at the beach, not doing dishes

  • Paper napkins and/or paper towels/kitchen towels

  • Cleaning spray for counter spills

  • Extra consumables--toilet paper, 13-gallon kitchen trash bags, paper towels, and even AA and AAA batteries in case the remote dies.  A starter supply is included, but bring extras.

  • Extra bath towels--especially during busy times, the resort laundry may be behind and your towels will be delivered later in the day.  They won't be replaced, and we bring detergent pods for longer visits.

  • Hair Dryer

  • Cloth/reusable grocery bags--grocery bags in Mexico are super flimsy

  • Cooler--to bring your own beverages to the pools and your food may be in the car until 4pm

  • Beach chairs--resorts have some beach lounges, but they often get filled quickly

  • Nightlights--your pinky toe will thank you ;)

  • Power strips--wall outlets might not be easy to reach or have enough spaces for all your devices

  • DVDs, cards, board games

  • Mini portable speaker for the balcony/beach

  • Binoculars--there are always dolphins frolicing not far from shore!

  • A sense of adventure and extra patience--Mexico is not the US, things happen much slower

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